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Places of interest


At the Hotel Rio front desk, guests will find a refrigerator where they can purchase various non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, cookies, and snacks.

Nearby, there are several restaurants, bars, eateries, and food stands offering a wide variety of dishes for all tastes and pocketbooks. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 12.57.55

Market of Flavors (Mercado de Sabores)

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La Fonda de Santa Clara


Hotel Rio is located downtown, where you can find all kinds of shops. It's also right by the major shopping centers and the Central Supply Depot (Central de Abastos).

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FINSA Industrial Park

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Angelópolis Shopping Center (Centro Comercial Angelópolis)


La Victoria Market (Mercado La Victoria)

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Handicrafts Center (Centro Artesanal de Puebla)

Tourist Attractions

Puebla is brimming with tradition, culture, and modernity. Our visitors enjoy learning about its pre-Hispanic and colonial legacy, as well as its fascinating, gorgeous modern buildings and mouth-watering culinary tradition. Enjoy Puebla!

Lugares de interés
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Historic Center

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The Tunnels

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The Forts (Los Fuertes)

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Former Convent of Santa Mónica (Ex Convento de Santa Mónica)

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Rosary Chapel (Capilla del Rosario)

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